I see everything as a unity structured by small different monads. My connection with Theology and Philosophy forms my way of thinking, seeing, perceiving and shapes my artistic-aesthetic interpretation.

The artistic process is, I think, aptly expressed by the mathematical equation used by Fyodor Dostoyevsky inTales from the underground”, in which the isolated narrator states: “I deny the fact that 1+1=2 and I say 1+1 give a bigger 1”.

Each side of the equation represents a different material, meaning, medium etc but all together give a unity which contains everything.

With my paintings or installation-in situ projects I create new totalities based on that equation. Μeanings like transcendence -kitsch-plain-chic- light-emptiness-cracks-ephemeral-fragility-breathing-language are always part of my art equation.

The visual language that I use for my paintings are common materials like nail polish, stickers, typography letters, glitter and gold leaves. I like the idea of the game between trashy and kitschy and their harmonically corporation next to the “glamorous byzantine gold” and the chic emptiness of the clean surface of unprepared canvas. I use always text as part of the different mediums and materials ,that usually reflects to the title.

In my installations I use again ordinary materials with trashy value like foam, different kinds of tape, transparent plastic, nails polish, etc and I approach the space as part of the art project. I never change/act to the space on the contrary I try to use every element and value of the space (the dirty spots, the cracks-wholes on the wall, everything) and present a total solid aesthetic result, in other words my project.